For many of us, there can come a time in life when we are struggling; feeling helpless, lost, worried, confused and/or stuck.  This can come with a sense of wanting things to be different, but not knowing how to change.  

I believe you can use these difficulties as opportunities to grow and learn…and sometimes it’s not easy to do this on your own.

The therapeutic relationship can facilitate a sense of not being alone, as well as provide you with support and guidance in understanding what is happening, and what to do.

I believe that by approaching our difficulties with mindfulness, compassion and wisdom, our biggest struggles in life can lead us to beautiful new beginnings.  I’ve dedicated my work to helping others through this journey.



“Most people are afraid of suffering. But suffering is a kind of mud to help the lotus flower of happiness grow. There can be no lotus flower without the mud.” 
- Thich Nhat Hanh





I practice a form of Person-centered, Humanistic therapy, with a focus on Mindfulness.  

I work to create a safe and non-judgemental space for you to understand yourself better. I believe that each person can reconnect to their own innate wisdom, and begin to move forward with more clarity and peace.

Every client is different in what they may need to reach their goals.  I use a combination of the following therapeutic approaches to work with you, based on your unique needs:


Talk therapy


Body-oriented Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic Approaches

Cognitive Behavioural Approaches

Contemplative Practices

Visualization and Meditation

Dream Work

Inner Child Work


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In my work with you, I help you to use the resources within your subconscious mind to create changes that will benefit you.

In the beginning, you define your goals.  Then, we go through a detailed intake which allows me to gather information to best help you achieve your goals.  We also use some hypnotic techniques to get you comfortable with going into hypnosis.  Then we start working with your subconscious mind while you are in hypnosis to take you towards your goals.  The more you go into hypnosis, the more natural and easy it will be for you.  

Your willingness to trust and believe in the process, and your readiness to change are important factors in your success.  Like any new skill, you must make the commitment to change in order to see results.  If you expect to succeed, hypnosis can be highly effective and transformative.

As Napoleon Hill wrote, 

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”


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